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October 24th, 2013

What your Office Can Say About Your Brand

When you are an industry innovator, it’s essential that your brand be communicated in everything you do, even down to how you welcome guests to your headquarters. When you’re the home of the cable and telecom industry, it’s a must to have the best digital experiences on full display. In this case, a 13+ foot high-definition touch screen TV would become the delivery system for DMI’s latest effort for the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA).

DMI’ has worked alongside NCTA to develop their on-site digital presence and cross-promote the organization’s web and event content. Nine, 55-inch flat screen TVs were installed in the lobby of NCTA’s Washington headquarters as a digital welcome mat for visitors, screening attendees or panel events.

Given NCTA’s role as an industry advocate and spotlight for cable and America’s Internet, the wall needed to reflect their brand promise and the diversity of their members’ innovations. Best-in-breed touch screen installations were considered before we set out to help them create an installation that would put visitors in the drivers seat on a self-guided tour of their digital content.

Our effort resulted in a belted navigation that could enlarge user-selected content across a scrollable, intuitive interface; a first of it’s kind for a corporate office.

To accommodate a variety of users, we configured the screen with easy-to-navigate sorted content or scrolling tiles that invited curiosity. The experience seamlessly showcased a variety of industry, technology and community information ranging from video and interactive games to static graphics and facts. Key to making this truly support NCTA’s visitor needs would be including a presenter setting for corporate gatherings and events wherein the lobby could become a stage.

One of the most impressive elements of the wall is the inclusion of a map capturing the impact of the cable and telecommunications industry on the US economy.

So when considering your space, it’s important to evaluate how your brand is communicated visually and digitally. Design can take many forms, some aesthetic, and some interactive, making even the most mundane spaces opportunities to bring your brand to life.


Tags: App development user experience ux/ui web development

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