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January 24th, 2014

What to Expect: Samsung and DMI

At the beginning of the month we made the announcement that we have formed a strategic alliance with Samsung Mobile to offer Managed Mobility Services to Enterprise Clients.

What this means is that together with Samsung, we will be providing companies with a complete set of services and technologies to securely deploy and manage Samsung Mobile smartphones and tablets in enterprise environments.

Services include:

  • Migration Services
  • Staging/Kitting/Device Configuration/Device Implementation Services
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Implementation
  • End User Help Desk
  • Security Assessments and Professional Services

A centerpiece of this offering is Samsung Knox (yes, as in Fort Knox). Knox is exciting because it dramatically enhances Android security with hardware-based integrity monitoring, secure container technology to separate personal and business apps, Smart Card authentication including Common Access Card (CAC), app level integrity management, and expanded MDM policy enforcement.

What that all amounts to is Android with Enterprise-grade security. Look for the combination of DMI services and Samsung Knox technology to help accelerate Samsung adoption in the enterprise.




Tags: enterprise mobility helpdesk managed mobility mobile device management

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