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November 3rd, 2014

Weekly Mobile Insights- 9: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Although there has been much coverage and excitement about wearables such as the Apple Watch and Google Glass there is another area that we see tremendous potential in brands engaging with their customers. In an average lifetime, an American will spend over 4 years of their life in a car and because mobile has become so ingrained into our daily routines, texting has now become the leading cause of death among teenagers.

Hence, extending mobile apps to the car setting in order to take advantage of car features like the onboard display and voice activation is a natural evolution in the mobile space (and a legal one in many countries). Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be rolling out support within the next year and current native apps could be “extended” to the car to take advantage of these features.

For example, a driver’s version of a taxi mobile app could be “extended” to their in-car dashboard display in order to limit the need for the driver to use the app on their smartphone (to text a passenger or locate a pickup point) while driving their taxi. In addition, the driver could be able to interact with the app (such as texting a passenger or activating Google Maps voice directions) by using their voice commands or their in-car controls.

Below are a few articles covering other top mobile news at the moment:

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