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September 29th, 2014

Weekly Mobile Insights- 7: Apple, more Apple and Best mCheckouts

The last couple of weeks everything has been about Apple. First iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Then more about Apple Pay, new Smartwatch forecasts, upgrades to iOS8 and then iOS8 issues. We also found some fantastic examples of mobile checkouts courtesy of eConsultancy. But lets start with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay not all that great…
Most journalists and bloggers have been hailing Apple as the saviour of all mobile payments and forecasting that they will grow it into a big new revenue source for Apple and the industry as a whole. We are not so sure that NFC payments is a big deal in the short term. The big shift already started to happen with mobile payments for Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, eBay, Barclay Pingit money transfers, etc. This is just about tying your existing credit cards to apps where you pay for services. has a great piece about the reality of Apple Pay here.

So should retailers implement Apple Pay in the coming year for your mobile payments? Probably yes, but wait and see the consumer adoption first.

iOS8 update causing you problems?
With 4000 new APIs and features iOS8 is Apple’s biggest iPhone release so far with lots of new exciting functionality for developers and users. However, this also causes problems as it means that old apps doesn’t necessarily work on iOS8 until they’ve been upgraded, apps crash more frequently and significant empty storage is required to do the upgrade over the air. Upgrading old apps can take weeks of development work if a lot of proprietary graphics have been used and therefore most apps available on the appstore will probably never be upgraded. Finally the iOS8.01 upgrade caused some iPhone 6 devices to block access to the network.

Despite all of these issues and challenges we are confident that iOS8 and iPhone 6 teething problems will quickly get resolved and that the combination will be a huge success. For more about upgrading apps to iOS8 read our blog.

Best Mobile Commerce Checkouts
Last week we wrote about the challenges of mobile commerce conversion rates. eConsultancy has done a fantastic review of mobile commerce checkout examples that will help you achieve conversion rates on par with desktop. Read more here.

Smartwatches for 30 USD?
According to research by Gartner we might see Android smartwatches to retail at $30 in 2015. Maybe a little bit optimistic considering that current prices are around $250-350 but if it happens it will definitely be interesting for consumers and brands. Find the research here.

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