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September 8th, 2014

Weekly Mobile Insights- 5: Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms

Last week Gartner published their latest Magic Quadrant on Mobile Application Development Platforms. The analysis covers Adobe (Phonegap/Cordova), Kony, Appcelerator, IBM Worklight, SAP Mobile Platform, Xamarin, Pegasystems (previously Antenna) and several other vendors. Based on pure size it positions SAP and IBM as leaders and in terms of solutions Kony, Appcelerator and Adobe came out on top.

Why is this important?
CIOs and IT Directors put a lot emphasis on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant simply because (a) there are so many vendors out there that they need help to shortlist and (b) to protect themselves if their strategy fails as they can at least claim that they went with one of the top vendors.

What do we think?
We’ve consistently stated the same thing for years. Choose native if you want the best mobile experience, web if you want the most cost efficient cross-platform environment and hybrid using Phonegap/Cordova for web as your core platform with some native functionality. The only reason to go with Appcelerator, Kony or Xamarin would be that it fits with your existing developers’ skills and environment. And for IBM or SAP it’s simply because you buy other services from them anyway. Finally, most of the companies position themselves as cloud providers and although their middleware and integration services can be useful, the same components are available for free as open source elsewhere.

Please contact us if you disagree or want more information about our recommendations and insights.

To read the full report you can either purchase it here or visit the announcement page of e.g. Appcelerator where they provide a free link to download the report here.

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