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August 26th, 2014

Weekly Mobile Insights- 3: Internal vs external mobile development

This week’s insights are about key learnings in the difference between internal and external mobile development.

A new report by Apigee shows Large Enterprises Still Struggle to Launch Mobile Apps.

The report clearly shows that companies that use external resources for enterprise app development are much likely to be successfully.

Key insights are that the companies that claimed to be successful with their enterprise apps were more likely to use external resources:

  • Only 11 percent mostly or exclusively used internal resources, compared with more than a quarter of those struggling to deploy apps.
  • When asked why they turn to external resources, 78 percent of the successful companies stated that access to technical or project management expertise was an extremely important reason.

Companies that cited failures said that:

  • cost reduction was the top reason (41 percent) why they would use external resources and only 28 percent saw value in access to external expertise.

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Going in-house for app development:

The author argues that companies can leverage existing internal web developers to do cross-platform development using tools such as Cordova (Phonegap). He also recommends that any company that takes mobile serious must control their mobile development with internal resources even if they leverage external resources for specific expertise and to scale.

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Mobile development approach must change:
Research by Gartner and IDC highlights the needs for enterprises to change their processes and approach to mobile development vs how they work today with desktop applications. This includes agile development practices, user centric design, user testing and much closer interaction by the development team and end users.

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