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December 15th, 2014

UX & UI Design – Differentiate through design


Today we are happy to announce our Design team’s latest SlideShare presentation on UX/UI design! You might already be familiar with their UX/UI Design Trends presentations (the one for 2014 has had 60,000+ views so far), but in case you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you have a look here.

UX design is not a step in the process, it’s in everything we do. More than anything it is a project philosophy, not just a set of tools, methods and deliverables. In this brand new presentation we explain how you can differentiate through design, why user experience design matters as well as share our knowledge around all the activities that helps ensure a great UX/UI design.

We’re also kicking off a series of blog posts where you will get to meet the different department heads within our company, and what better way to do so then with our Head of Design Kim Peratt, one of the key people behind the new UX/UI presentation.

We hope these short interviews will give you some insight into all the different departments that are all integral when it comes to delivering successful mobile solutions.

Q: Hello Kim. Could you tell me a little bit about your role and team’s responsibility?
I am heading up our UX/UI Design team globally. Together with my team we are responsible for educating our people internally as well as our current and future clients about why UX is important, what activities and deliverables we perform and deliver and why they are needed and important.

The UX Design lead in each project is responsible for executing on all these activities and deliverables while at the same time driving the UX dialogue during the project phase together with our team and client to make sure we deliver high quality UX/UI designs.

We also work together with other teams inside the company to keep on improving processes for UX activities and deliverables.

Q: How did you first get into Design?
I started with “e-learning” almost 20 years ago, doing multimedia CD-roms and web solutions for companies with 1000+ employees to educate them on best practices and safety at work.

I have also been working with video production (commercials, films, TV series and educational videos), branding & marketing, animation, print work, web design & development and got into mobile solutions 4 years ago after being headhunted to join DMI. It was a natural step in my career to work with mobile with all my previous working experience taken into account.

Q: What does UX/UI Design mean to you?
Make the user efficient by creating a user-centric solution based on the targeted user’s needs, take the business’ requirements into account and make the solutions simple, intuitive and beautiful. Less is more.

Q: What’s the most important thing in your job?
Guide and work together with our team to deliver high quality UX/UI designs, make sure we challenge each other and are aligned across all offices and that we have fun doing so.

Q: What inspires you in your role?
Working together with an awesome team and great colleagues, and I am very fortunate to be working in a growing, exciting and rewarding business.

Seeing a great concept or using a great solution always inspires me, whether it’s coming from us or elsewhere. And there are always ways of improving and simplifying your mobile solutions.

Other than that inspiration comes from all kinds of places: a great album or concert, a fantastic movie or book or a new interesting invention can all be great sources of inspiration when coming up with concepts or ideas for a mobile solution.

Q: What’s the vision for your team and what’s next for you in terms of improving and growing UX/UI Design at DMI?
We always challenge ourselves and there is always room for improvement, to keep on learning and growing as a team and as individuals. Next year we will be putting even more effort into user research since UX/UI Design is really all about understanding the user’s needs and at the same time take into account the business requirements. However we always need to remember we are making user-centric and not client-centric designs. With such a great team we are working on being one of the most highly respected UX/UI Teams in the business.

Q: Tell me a fun fact about your team?
We are 17 designers coming from 7 different countries with an age range of 16 years between the oldest and youngest person.

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