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September 25th, 2013

Top productivity apps we use at DMI

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Frequently we get asked what are the top productivity apps we use at DMI. Do we just talk the talk or do we walk the walk?
Last year BP did a survey among about 20,000* employees asking them to propose utility and other work related apps that should be available on the BP internal appstore. In total the employees suggested about 600 apps that they thought could be useful for work. A committee at BP then selected 80 apps as approved BP apps to be used for work.
* Note: The numbers are anecdotal and not officially confirmed by BP.
At DMI we all use apps every day to improve our productivity, communicate with colleagues, find, store and share information, enhance the quality of our work, keep up with what’s going on, travel and more. Here are the top 45 mobile apps we use.


  • DMI Mobile Productivity – our own productivity tool to prepare for meetings, present at meetings, manage follow-ups and more
  • Wunderlist – To-Do and task list management including collaboration
  • Asana – Shared task list and ability to assign tasks
  • Lift – app to keep track of progress towards achiving goals and objectives


  • Gmail – the best e-mail client to manage e-mails and calendar
  • Skype – chat and talk with colleagues and customers including video
  • GoToMeeting – phone conferences, meetings with video and meetings to share presentations
  • Whatsapp – used for daily communication when people are traveling and on the go
  • Line – like whatsapp but with more emoticons
  • Viber – mainly used for free voice calls by our team as a complement to Skype

Note Taking

  • Evernote – take notes, make lists and share content we create
  • DayOne – work journal and note taking
  • Penultimate (by Evernote) – note taking using handwriting that can sync with Evernote

Content Management & Sharing

  • Box – access documents including presentations and other content
  • Dropbox – share and access documents including presentations and other content
  • GoogleDrive – share and access documents including presentations and other content
  • DMI Docs – access, check-out, edit and upload MS Office documents to Sharepoint
  • 1Password – keep track of all passwords in a safe and secure way

Social Networking

  • LinkedIn – Find information about people we meet, connect and consume relevant news
  • Evernote Hello – App to help you remember people, encounters and meetings


  • TestFlight – Distribute pre-launch versions of iOS and Android applications to customers and internally
  • Jira Connect – Access and create issues to our issue management system JIRA


  • Safari – the favourite browser next to Chrome
  • YouTube – watch educational videos, ads and more while on the go
  • GoogleMaps – navigating from A to B during a busy day in London or New York
  • Synchronize – time zone planning


  • TechCrunch – critical for our daily technology news consumption
  • Ted – education and inspiration
  • Pocket – store articles, videos, websites, etc and sync between devices for off-line use
  • Flipboard – the most beautiful news aggregation app that can easily be customised for business news
  • Pulse – another great news aggregation app with extensive personalisation features
  • ByLine – RSS feed app with some off-line and sync capabilities
  • Reeder – Great news reader essentially replacing Google Reader


  • SalesForce – access and create sales information about customers, opportunities, contacts and more
  • Calculator – under rated and frequently used default app to do fast calculations
  • Google Translate – useful for quick translations of e-mails and other information in a foreign language


  • Skala View/Preview – great tool to preview designs on iPhone
  • LiveView – another great app to preview designs and prototypes on smartphones
  • Quora – maybe questionable in terms of value add by the app but useful to find out information from specialists in different areas
  • WordRef – excellent free dictionary app


  • Uber – the best way of getting around in NYC, Washington D.C., San Francisco and other American cities
  • Bicing – the ultimate public bike app for Barcelona that ensures that you always have access to a free bike
  • CheckMyTrip – great app to keep track of trips, bookings and flight status
  • Flightstats – see if flight is on time, delay information, statistics and more
  • Heathrow Airport – helps us be more productive while traveling to, through and from Londons main airport
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