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December 3rd, 2014

Top Mobile Trend: Material Design

Google’s latest release of Android (referred to as Lollipop), was meant to offer support for material design (which it describes as a “comprehensive guide for visual, motion and interaction design across platforms and devices”) but received some bad press coverage recently as Samsung phones experienced issues with apps running material design.

(Side-note: Some of the core ideas (such as “layered principles”) found in material design were predicted a year ago in DMI’s 2014 Design Trends presentation, so make sure to “follow” us on Slideshare to receive our 2015 Design Trends presentation when it’s released).

Material design is important for Google’s future as it wishes to have a set of unified design principles to be able to extend Android from smartphones to smartwatches, Internet-of-Things (Nest acquistion), Google Glass and other platforms with the same look and feel.

As many of our recents posts (such as the one on Google Auto & Apple CarPlay) have suggested, mobile can no longer be viewed as a standalone channel as it has become increasingly ingrained in our everday lives for both consumers and businesses.

Although Google has been quick to incorporate material design principles into many of its products such as Google Maps, Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Docs and Sheets our recommendation is unless your company already has a high level of mobile maturity (take our Mobile Assessment survey if you’re not sure), and is looking to extend your existing mobile solutions to emerging new technologies such as smartwatches, glasses, in-car displays, etc., that you approach material design cautiously as users become more familiar with it and it continues to evolve.

If your company is interested in learning more about material design or incorporating it into your mobile solutions, please contact us.

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