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March 27th, 2015

Top 10 Worst App Ideas

We’re getting old. This year we’ve been in the mobile app game for over a decade. That means that we’ve spent a lot of time discussing apps with friends, family (sorry about that), clients, and random people we bumped into at parties, over the last ten years.

When you mention to someone that you work in mobile, their first question is usually “So you build apps?”. And soon enough, what must be in at least 50% of the cases, a genius app idea that themselves or their brother-in-law had last week will make its way into the conversation. It’s inevitable.

Don’t get us wrong. We love to talk mobile, but 10 years is a lot of app ideas. Some of them were great, some of them were just OK, and these are the Top 10 Worst App Ideas we can remember.

Mistress Tracker app

#10 Mistress Tracker

Helps keep track of your “second wives” – who is who and where they are. Also lets you rate and share experiences with your friends. Eugh.

Target users? Married people with a Tinder addiction.

Beautifier app

#9 Beautifier

Analyses your appearance by scanning your face and automatically generates a number of beauty tips. Needless to say, we doubt this could ever work. But hey, we might have said that about flying cars a couple of years ago, too.

Target users? Let’s face it (no pun intended), this app is for vain people.

Proposal app

#8 Proposal App

This app is only useful one time (depending on your number of marriages of course), but the real question is what the person you ask would respond when being proposed to via an app?

Target users? Someone who has recently fallen in love for the first (or second) time.

iFrenchKiss app

#7 iFrenchKiss

New to kissing? This app gives you a “French kiss score” based on how much you lick your phone.

Target users? Someone who has recently fallen in love for the first time.

Poo Tracker app

#6 Poo Tracker

Various data input followed by big data analytics to help with the analysis.

Target users? People who already bring their phone to the bathroom (which is quite a big market taking into consideration a 2012 survey saying that about 75 percent of Americans admitted to using their mobile phones while in the bathroom).

Mosquito Killer app

#5 Mosquito Killer

An app that lights up your phone to help you see mosquitos so that you can, wait for it, smash them using your phone.

Target users? Perfect for city people on holiday in the countryside…

Millionaire app

#4 Millionaire App

This app lets you ask for anything you want (e.g. a new car, a trip, a villa etc.) and then makes sure that you get it. We were asked to develop something similar for just one person. Apparently an extra personal assistant didn’t cut it.

Target users? People that already have everything and might feel like having those exact cupcakes for breakfast.

"Facebook 2" app

#3 “Facebook 2”

Trying to replicate an already successful app (or trying to replicate a desktop app on mobile) is a fairly common request from people that contact us. However it’s often difficult to see the value of an identical application with approximately one billion users less than its role model.

Target users? The people that have the original app.

Laser Pointer app

#2 Laser Pointer

Creates a red notification light on your phone so that you can use it as a “laser pointer” by moving your hand, with the phone in it, in front of a screen. Completely misunderstanding the main use of a laser pointer…

Target users? Professors, salespeople… Basically anyone that needs to present something.

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything app

#1 The Really Big Button That Doesn’t Do Anything

A classic DMI app. No further explanation needed.

Target users? We’re still not sure.

PS. If you had one of the ideas that made it all the way onto our list, don’t despair. We’re positive that you will get a new, potentially great, app idea shortly. And we’d love to hear about it.

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