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August 27th, 2013

Top 10 mobile trends | Mid year review

booomAt the start of the year we shared our mobile predictions and trends for 2013. As the first half of the year has now passed, here’s a quick review of what’s hot and what’s not.

App boom continues
App usage keeps growing faster than anyone could ever expect, now surpassing TV usage for some target groups.


Native and HTML5 apps are winning
IT departments are leaning heavily on HTML5 and hybrid for their Enterprise apps due to lack of skills and resources. Marketers and consumer app developers are refocusing on native apps with Facebook, Linkedin, Bloomberg, ESPN and other major organisations replacing HTML5 with native during the past year.

Slow adoption of NFC & Mobile Wallets
The technology is available and working, but utilisation is low beyond Starbucks and public transportation in a few cities. Furthermore, adoption of Google Wallet and Isis has been slow in the US and the same is true for similar services in Europe.

mCommerce massive growth
Consumer shopping growth through mobile has taken most retailers by surprise. Some like are already seeing half of their shoppers through mobile while others such as H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch has gone from a few percentage points to high teens in just the last 6 months, despite often poor experiences.

Big data insight talk but little action
Online retailers, banks, travel companies and service providers are all taking about the importance of big data insights but few are doing anything about it.

Windows Phone and Blackberry
As a Blackberry lover and big fan of the Windows 8 user interface, I was hoping that we would see an upwards trend and competition to Android and iPhone by now. Unfortunately the opposite seems to be happening, as Android and iOS continue to dominate.

4G-LTE and Wifi
We predicted that 4G would have issues with speed due to core network capacity as uptake grows. So far this has not happened and 4G is becoming a serious contender to Wifi. A happy prediction failure.

A client recently asked us how Apple passbook is doing and I heard an Apple fanboy colleague answer: “Passbook what?” Uptake clearly varies by market but it looks like usage has dropped after the initial success.

We will continue to monitor trends for you and look forward to a second half of the year full of new trends, shifting trends and disruptions.

Image courtesy: Joshua Wetstone

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