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August 29th, 2014

Time to update your apps for iOS8

The beta version of iOS8 has been available to developers for a few weeks now. The rest of users will have to wait patiently until the public launch, expected to take place in mid-September. For companies providing app services, this means it’s time to prepare for iOS8.

Step One
All existing iOS apps need to be tested and certified for iOS8 to ensure they are still working and for possible bugs to be fixed. We expect this to be a fairly small effort although testing needs to be carried out across all iPhone and iPad devices supporting iOS8.

Step Two
New iOS8 functionality such as App Extensions, Touch ID, Widgets, Indoor Location and Metal should be evaluated to see how they could improve the customer experience of existing apps.

iOS 8 provides additional capabilities (such as interactive notifications and widgets) to allow brands to engage with consumers in a more meaningful and non-disruptive way. For example, brands that allow customers to rate their brand experience directly from a push notification (instead of forcing them back into the app) or allowing the customer to view personalized important info (such as the shipping status of a product the customer bought or upcoming reservations they have made) directly from a widget on their iPhone. Again, by not forcing users back into the app, brands will be able to develop closer relationships with their customers rather than the brands that continue to rely on more disruptive communication channels to get their message across.

How will iOS8 be received?
There’s an ongoing debate on the adoption rate of iOS8. Some think it will be lower than it was for iOS7 (now at 91%), and for some companies this will mean implementation of new functionalities will be postponed until the userbase is large enough.

Others think the opposite and will see this as a great opportunity to show market leadership by being the first to provide the latest technology that comes with iOS8.

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