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April 7th, 2017

The State of Mobility in Fashion and Apparel

Despite news of major retail brands closing up shop, the U.S. fashion currently holds a market value of $385.7B while fashion worldwide generates up to $2.5T a year. So, why are retailers struggling to survive?

We have worked with dozens of fashion and apparel brands and created our own mobile maturity model for the retail industry two years in a row. Our team understands that as customers evolve, brands need to evolve with them. To meet consumer expectations, retailers need to take advantage of digital tools and technologies to enhance the customer shopping experience.

The insights in our new white paper “The State of Mobility in Fashion and Apparel” will help you uncover ways to optimize your customers’ shopping experience. Get your complimentary copy to learn more about:

  • What your customers want and how to give it to them
  • The three biggest opportunities for fashion and apparel brands
  • How other companies have benefitted from following our recommendations

The DMI team has worked with retailers around the world to help hone in on key areas of opportunity, prioritize them next to value to the business, and deliver solutions that transform the shopping experience. Contact us if you would like to know more about our previous work or how your brand performed in our latest Mobile Maturity Model benchmarking studies for the U.S. or in Europe.

“The State of Mobility” is a DMI insights series on different industry segments within retail. Stay tuned for more insights.

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