The Pain Points to Achieve Optimal Zero Trust Maturity

Published On: July 8th, 20242 min read

DMI recently rolled out Zero Trust Plus, a security service solution offering that meets an organization at any stage of zero trust maturity and advances the organization to the Advanced and Optimal levels defined in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Zero Trust Maturity Model (ZTMM) 2.0.

Zero Trust Plus delivers advanced security capabilities into modular offerings it offers the ability to identify, isolate, and remediate threats and vulnerabilities rapidly based on identifiable tactics, techniques, and procedures used by adversaries.  It addresses the following common challenges faced by organizations:

  1. Logging and analyzing massive amounts of event data for threats can be challenging for legacy cybersecurity architectures and costly for data storage.

Our Zero Trust Plus solution provides a Cyber Mesh architecture that allows data processing at the edge and only aggregates important data at a centralized data lake. It reduces extraneous and redundant data and allows security information from all assets and service domains to be integrated and analyzed holistically. Threat remediation and security policy enforcement can be orchestrated through the centralized analytics engine. Zero Trust Plus incorporates agentless, identity-based micro-segmentation that continuously discovers, monitors, and analyzes assets and network communications. Risk mitigation actions can take place at the edge and at the individual asset level with the effective risk containment enabled by micro-segmentation. It provides agility, efficiency, and effectiveness in managing enterprise level security operations.

  1. Security costs escalate rapidly as one strives for optimal maturity.

Zero Trust Plus leverages existing investments as much as possible and builds upon them to efficiently and effectively increase zero trust posture.  Our continuous attack surface & posture management capabilities continuously validate the effectiveness of tools and configurations.  Our mapping catalog of security controls and zero trust maturity level allows organizations to review investments and make informed decisions about which cybersecurity investments to optimize and which to retire. It minimizes tool sprawl and maximize value to the organization.

  1. Alert volumes continue to escalate, overwhelming security analysts.

The number of cyber threats and cyber-attacks continue to increase.  Zero Trust Plus provides a risk-based vulnerability management approach that helps organizations prioritize and automate remediation to close security gaps and mitigate threats effectively.  We apply Artificial Intelligence solutions to automate alert enrichment with threat intelligence feeds, asset databases, and user profiles. It automates event correlation and analysis, prioritizes risks, reduces duplicate alerts, and quickly identifies root causes. Our solution leverages Generative AI to enable highly effective event analysis, system correlation, threat description, and posture assessment. It allows various stakeholders to collaborate effectively with common knowledge of security threats and events.

DMI Zero Trust Plus provides robust capabilities to support and mature zero trust across every pillar, including endpoint, identity, network, data, and applications. A zero trust assessment from DMI can lead the way forward for customers to mature their zero trust posture.