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May 29th, 2013

The mobile strategy handbook 10 series: Introduction



What if there was a handbook to make your mobile strategy a success?

During the past year we’ve done more than 100 workshops with brands and partners, spoken at 20 events and conferences, contributed to a book about mobile apps, published white papers, shared our trends and conference insights and educated 1000s off students about mobile app development.

Over the next 10 weeks we will share our top tips in a special series of blogs on consumer facing mobile services that will make almost any organisations successful in mobile.

The blog will cover the following topics:

  1. Writing a mobile brief
  2. 5 best social practices for mobile apps
  3. Planning your mobile marketing budget for 2014
  4. Setting and measuring KPIs for mobile
  5. Driving traffic to apps and mobile sites
  6. How to choose the right technology? Native, Html5 and more…
  7. 6 steps for Mobile Application Testing – QA
  8. The best tools for mobile app development
  9. Preparing for the future – payments, big data, cloud and more
  10. …and finally a topic of your choice

As always, we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

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