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April 16th, 2013

The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps

The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps

The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps

Next time you ask us a question about mobile app development we might reply “Read the book!”

Peggy Ann Salz at Mobile Groove and Jennifer Moranz have put together a fantastic book with input from some of the greatest experts in our industry including Magnus Jern, President of DMI’s Mobile Application Solutions Division.

The book gives insights on strategy, business case development, user experience design, development, quality assurance, distribution and how to market and make the most out of your app. It will also guide you on how to find a supplier/partner and outsource mobile app development, how to develop across multiple platforms (cross platform app development) and lots of other great tips.

For more information visit  The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps.

Please tell us what you think and if you still have questions after reading the book we are happy to answer them. And yes, we might also answer your questions even if you haven’t read the book.

Tags: App development insights mobile apps Mobility Strategy ux/ui

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