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April 13th, 2017

The 2017 Guide for CIOs: Part One

Digital transformation is one of the top priorities for CIOs in 2017. Failing to incorporate emerging technologies to streamline operations and build value-adding products/services for customers, can jeopardize an organization’s future.

Over the next couple of months, we will publish a series of content titled “The 2017 Guide for CIOs”.  This content will consist of free white papers and webinars that will shed light on the challenges that face the CIOs of today in detail. At the heart of solving these challenges, that span across all aspects of a business, we see something we refer to as Human-Centric Business Reinvention.

Part one in our new CIO series is centered around utilizing the principles of human-centric business reinvention. We also explore how CIOs have moved from a traditional IT role to spearheading an organization’s transformation process and the main tactical challenges for CIOs in 2017. In addition, we provide a closer look at real-world examples of companies that have already displayed human-centric business reinvention including: Disney, Addison Lee, and Zurich.

Download your free copy today and be better prepared to:

  • Take the first step to a truly digital business
  • Get internal buy-in from other stakeholders
  • Address and adapt to evolving challenges
Tags: business reinvention principles CIO Guide digital transformation human-centric business reinvention innovation

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