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November 26th, 2014

#thankfulfor: Digital Things We Love 2014

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, we here at DMI find ourselves very grateful for many things in our professional lives.

In addition to having a sincere appreciation of one another and an endless gratitude for our clients, we are also #thankfulfor a number of digital tools, sites and things our fellow colleagues find to be extremely resourceful and of high interest in their everyday.

Diving in, here’s our round up of digital things we love in 2014!


  • Tweetdeck (Twitter client)
    DMI Strategist Elliot Kort checks Twitter using Tweetdeck more than any platform, and mobile is his go-to method: “I don’t really like the way Twitter’s app (or online version) works. That’s why HootSuite and the like are so popular. Most of the best breaking news in real-time happens on Twitter.”
  • Inbox (Google’s new mail app)
    Kort also finds Google’s new mail app, Inbox, to be “really slick.”
  • Pocket
    Designer Jenn Giesler loves her some Pocket! “I sit on the metro for about an hour each way to the office, and I like to pull a lot of articles from various places and read them when I am offline. I can save articles for later when I’m on a browser and they’ll download to my phone or iPad for later or the next morning.”

Email Newsletters

  • Five Interesting Things (5IT) by Alexis Madrigal
    According to Kort, Alexis Madrigal of 5IT just has “a knack for finding really intriguing information from a variety of sources and curating it.”
  • The Skimm
    The Skimm is another great aggregation of the day’s biggest headlines with a lot of context. Meaning, instead of just saying ‘EBOLA!’ over and over again, they explain what experts are saying and outline the implications for regular citizens. They do so succinctly and with humor. It’s a must-read for me,” shares Kort.
  • NextDraft
    UX Designer Bensonn Anspach swears by NextDraft: “NextDraft has great curation of truly interesting stories from the day into a concise end-of-day email with entertaining synopses.”


  • BuzzFeed News
    Says Kort: “Yes, BuzzFeed is known for cat GIFs, but they’re also an increasingly respect journalistic outlet. Lots of good commentary and in-depth coverage here.”
  • NY Times
    NY Times is the paper of record,” shares Kort. “Great content online, until you hit their paywall. But there are easy workarounds for that.”
  • DeadSpin
    Project Manager Drew Currin has an affinity for DeadSpin. “It’s just mainly sports talk; there are weekly posts such as the ‘funbag’ that make it an interesting/fun and easily digestible read.”
  • Digg
    DMI Senior Developer Jeff Nyveen digs Digg. “Digg’s got the latest in news, culture, technology, and fun stuff. I like that the content comes from a variety of sources. Required reading every morning!”


  • Kort is a podcast aficionado: “I listen to plenty of podcasts on a variety of topics ranging from fantasy football to music to nerd/pop culture. I also listen to lots of public radio podcasts like This American Life and, recently, Serial. [The Serial podcast, which is an in-depth investigation of a 1999 Baltimore murder case, is currently the most popular in the country.]”

Social Networks

  • Facebook
    Kort and DMI Client Services Director Allison Mataya hit Facebook up regularly. “I check Facebook and Twitter often, Twitter mostly for news and Facebook for goofy content posted by friends and in order to have conversations away from the general public (my Twitter account is open to any and all followers),” says Kort. And Allison? She’s a daily Facebook user as well. “I can check in with friends and any big news story that people are talking about.”

Did we miss anything?

What is your favorite digital thing you are most #thankfulfor this year? Share your favorites with us in the comments below.


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