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July 30th, 2014

Test Case and Exploratory: The Bruce Banner & Hulk of Testing

Previously, In our post on The QA Super Heroes, we discussed the Testing Roles as well as the steps for Mobile Application Testing.

This time, we take a look at Test Case and Exploratory testing, which is one of the key types of testing done on DMI mobile applications.

Now, Bruce Banner and the Hulk are as different as night and day, yet both make up one superhero that has a huge impact on the world. Much like test case and exploratory testing which testers employ in order to save the day.

Stay with me on this.

Bruce Banner is Test Case Testing
Test case testing can be likened to the personality of Bruce Banner. Systematic, methodical, and uses a well-thought process as a scientist, Bruce Banner epitomizes the basics of test case testing where analysis and understanding of the expected are put into consideration. In a phrase, ‘it’s a science.’

Bruce Banner is cautious and learns from methods, formulas, and theories he has either learned or developed, which is how test case testing is. Testers are cautious to ensure that the scope of the project is well covered through the test cases they prepare. Included in the test cases are scenarios that testers have learned to include based on experience.

The Hulk is Exploratory Testing
Like the Hulk, exploratory testing is a rather powerful approach to testing, yet remains to be widely misunderstood. Exploratory testing relies more on instinct rather than in test case testing’s methodical approach. Exploratory testing leans more towards chaos rather than well-formulated test cases, yet is still as effective as test case testing since it encompasses test design, simultaneous learning, as well as test execution.

Through the Hulk’s less than formulaic approach, many vulnerabilities are uncovered, scenarios that were not considered are brought to light. As a result, further bugs or errors can be brought to the attention of the developers. For most testers, exploratory testing is often used when encountering a project that challenges them. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Test Case Testing vs. Exploratory Testing
Like the age-old comparison between Bruce Banner and the Hulk, the question of whether test case testing is better than exploratory testing comes to mind. Bruce Banner or the Hulk? Test case testing or exploratory testing?

Though both are vastly different, Bruce Banner and the Hulk in fact, make up one superhero. As is the same with DMI testers, both methods make up the kind of testing done by DMI. The question is not which method is better, but how both methods are used to complement each other in executing the ultimate testing process.

In some situations, it can be more productive to employ test case testing as opposed to hours of exploratory testing. In some other projects, exploratory testing is best used. More often than not, it is using both approaches that testing is best processed.

At DMI, testers follow this method of using both exploratory and test case testing so that testing for all our clients’ projects is thorough.

And that is what makes DMI mobile application testers become superheroes.

Find out more about DMI’s industry-leading QA team and see why we are the only developers to receive Trusted Status from AQuA.



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