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April 29th, 2014

When Telecom Giant O2 put its Sales Team on iPads …

What if …

You want to equip your sales team with iPads to share product information, establish your firm as a productivity thought leader and wow customers … but security is a big concern?

The iPad app you’re developing for Sales will definitely achieve these goals – but you’re worried the process could be excessively time-intensive?

You have 10,000 employees and 18.4 million customers throughout the United Kingdom – and more are on the way?

Charlie Hunter-Schyff, Head of Media Planning at O2, needed a mobile app that would empower his sales team with iPads – but was concerned about security. When he hired DMI to develop the app, they were worried about having enough time to create an application with a truly robust file sharing solution.

The Challenge: Equip Sales With iPads and Robust Security – With the Clock Ticking

From a productivity and marketing perspective, it was critical for O2 – as a leading mobile company – to equip its sales team with iPads. Specifically, it wanted to develop an app that would enable O2 Sales to access collateral in the field – while face-to-face with clients.

Second, the company wanted to “wow” customers and leave a lasting impression by showing them how mobile content sharing can dramatically pump up productivity. Finally, Charlie explains, O2 felt that it could boost its own productivity by having sales materials, quite literally, at the tip of every team member’s fingers.

However, security was an important concern, as was the limited development time available. When DMI was appointed to develop the app, their concerns were put to rest with an ingenious solution.

The challenge was tough and exciting, as DMI was asked to let O2 Media’s sales team access their sales presentations anywhere, and any time. Priority was given to security and user experience: the app had to be beautiful and – in a way – entertaining, to help the sales team engage with their customers and start building a strong relationship with them. We started working with O2 Media and delivered a fully customized solution that reflected our client’s philosophy.

This was one of our first experiences with productivity apps, and we started building our know-how in a very challenging field, where efficiency and usability requirements are as important as security ones.

On the basis of the lessons learned in this project and in the many others that followed, we understood that enabling employees with business applications gave enterprises the opportunity to reduce operational costs, increase profitability, and improve their competitive edge.

The future: Equip Sales With iPads to boost their productivity and company’s sales

For these reasons we decided to build Movy, our own productivity platform that enables businesses to quickly launch customizable applications, with robust backend integration and enterprise-grade security. Of course each organization has unique requirements and that’s why we decided to design a platform with great built-in flexibility, that can be deployed in a matter of weeks, thus reducing all the risks related to long, bespoke developments.

Now it’s clear to everyone that the nature of how employees work has changed, and that mobile applications can make a great difference, increasing user adoption and improving collaboration. We recognised that a number of years back, with O2 Media almost pioneering the vision of what the new mobile workforce would need.

Read the article in Marketing Week for the full details of the successful launch and agile solution which allowed DMI to deliver above and beyond the initial O2 Media brief.

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