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June 26th, 2014

Summary from Google I/O 2014

As always,DMI is monitoring the latest and greatest from Google I/O. Here’s a quick wrap-up of the announcements that are most relevant to mobility.

Android L,the new version of Android, kicked off Google I/O. The release has more than 5000+ new APIs and features.


Key features and capabilities include:

New UI concept, giving more focus to meaningful transitions and easily recognisable patterns within design guidelines for web apps

Android Wear
Supports round and square design
Enhanced voice note taking
Integration with Google Now
New devices from Motorola, LG and Samsung mentioned

Android Auto
Better support for Navigation, Communication and Music, with over 40 partner car brands already confirming support for this standard

Better performance running on the Google ART runtime which will be enabled by default, instead of Dalvik.
Android extensions pack with vastly improved advanced graphics support. Google have also introduced Project Volta, included in the next Android release, which will improve the battery usage and provide better statistics.

Enhanced Notifications
Ability to read, remove and reply to notifications from home screen. There’s also a new ‘secure notification’ mode, which will not display the notification until the device is unlocked

Deep link app activation
Deep linking from web- including search directly to launch the app rather than their site

Security innovation
Malware protection, security patches and factory reset protection

Google Fit
Set of APIs to develop apps to track stats and data from health sensor.


Other related news

Android TV
Based on Android core for the TV and Android phone (or Android Wear) acting as a voice enabled remote

Google Play
Enhancements to analytics, testing (with the announcement of the acquisition of Appurify) and distribution

Google Cloud
New tools for monitoring and debugging apps
Moores law in the cloud (Google Cloud price drop by half or more per year)

Android One
Google’s project to enable low cost devices to run Android. Under the brand name of Android One, Google will provide the hardware design helping manufactures produce low-cost devices, but with a quality that could be compared with medium or high end phones. This strategy will enable the Android market to expand within developing countries

Outside of mobility Google also spoke about Chrome OS laptops, Chromecast, that Android apps will run in Google Chrome, and Google Docs will support Word document format.


What did we miss?

Nothing was mentioned about Google Glass or Google Plus during day one. More about this, reviews and comparisons to iOS8 will follow tomorrow as well. Stay tuned!


Tags: android internet of things IoT wearables

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