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February 18th, 2014

Stepping Stone for Underreported Issues: A Look at Track 180

Track180 is a visually rich and compelling free iPad app that enables users to delve into the issues they care about most. Unlike other news apps, Track 180 seeks to raise awareness on the important, most often underreported issues that are impacting our world. At just a tap, users may see how a particular issue has evolved and the different ways it is connected in the world around us. Track180 satisfies the need of raising awareness and bringing various perspectives to significant issues and causes from around the world.

Upon opening the app, users are greeted by a unique home screen called the bubble screen. This is a collection of circles representing an array of issues happening all over the world. Swipe to the left or right, and a user can glance through the most recent news stories. The primary issues that are covered by the app include environment, technology, human rights, energy exploration and use, government accountability and corporate responsibility. Tapping a circle on the bubble screen brings users to the news flower page where they’ll find a summary of the story and different vantage points relating to it. Under the vantage points, is where a user will find the different perspectives of an issue. Moving to the left of the screen brings the user to a subject thread called Tracks. This is where a user is able to view other stories relating to the same topic by using their finger to move up and down the TrackLine. This feature enables the user to interact with the story in a new way. This also leads to one of our favorite features of the app, the “Call-to-Action” feature. The Call-to-Action allows a user to donate, sign a petition, or spread the word through social media if they wish to get involved with any specific issue or cause. If a user wishes to read more on any given issue, the app allows the user to opt to receive alerts whenever a new story develops on the topic of their interest.

Just recently, DMI and Track 180 were recognized as finalists for the “Best Mobile Product or Publishing Services” category in the 19th Annual Global Mobile Awards. Winners will be announced at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on the 25th of February.

Track 180 is expected to expand on to Android devices and the web later this year. To get a better feel of how the app works, download the free app for iPad at the Apple Store and watch the video below:

Tags: App development mobile apps ux/ui

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