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March 25th, 2013

Smartphone Screen Resolution and Size Driving Mobile Commerce

I recently purchased a shiny new iPhone 5.  The first thing I noticed after I took the iPhone out of the box was the stunning 4 inch 1136×640 resolution display on the device.  It got me thinking about my laptop from 2002 and its 800×600 resolution on a 13” screen.  Take a second to ponder that reality, the iPhone 5 has better screen resolution than a device that was supposedly optimized for Web browsing and shopping only 11 years ago.

Why is this significant?  The answer is simple – the more pixels, the more content a retailer can get on a web page.  The more content available to consumer like product details, images and customer reviews, the better the shopping experience.  The better the experience, the more likely the consumer will be enticed to make purchases from a mobile device.   Even with the high resolution laptop screens available today, retailers still leverage features like zoom to improve conversion.  Many mobile browsers offer the ability to zoom in on an image for more detail.  As these rich website capabilities are transferred to the mobile devices, the willingness of consumers to transact should increase.

This retina pleasing trend does not end with the latest installment of the iPhone as almost all Google and Windows Mobile smartphones hitting the market today carry a minimum screen resolution of 1280×760, or in the case of the Samsung Galaxy 4s, an eye popping 1920×1080 resolution on a 5 inch screen.  That is the same as a 1080p HDTV that can be as large as 90 inches.

Large high resolution screens or not, data shows that consumers are willing to shop on a mobile phone for non-digital items like apparel, health and beauty, sporting goods equipment, consumer electronics, and books.  eMarketer states that in 2013, 15 percent of overall online revenue will come from mobile devices; that is up from 5% just 2 years ago.

So what does this mean for retailers – focus on delivering the best mobile shopping experience possible and you will create differentiation that will allow you to gain market share.

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