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October 10th, 2013

RSVP to your app launch party

We’ve previously written about “Driving traffic to apps and mobile websites” in the Mobile Strategy Handbook and we now get even more questions. Based on a recent demand we had from a client we have in fashion, here’s a hands-on how to make your app launch effective and more successful.

We see 2 equally important sides of a “successful” launch that we could call: the launch and the promotion.

1) Prepare the launch:

To prepare the launch, you have to make sure you have a correct and useful description of the app, attractive logo and screenshots, selected and relevant keywords, and you should know in advance where you want to be: sometimes, only being on a few marketplaces can be better than everywhere.
In order to get ready for the launch, it is also necessary to create a landing page for the app and an internal advertise in blog, social networks, web page and any other available channels.
Another paramount element is to implement a tracking system (i.e. Distimo and Google Analytics), weekly or monthly or daily, depending on strategy. But we always need to know how many downloads the app generates and how many un-installations; where are our best users and ideally, if there is a login, it would be even better to follow-up on their engagement with targeted campaigns (i.e. offering special discount, prize, points, etc.).
Dedicate a task force to encourage feedback constantly (not too much though) on social media and make sure that you listen and answer to those feedbacks.
Start with your co-workers: who better than them to start off downloading and reviewing?

2) Now it’s time for promotion!

Spread the word in the right direction using the right support:

  • Press releases: Try to be published on the “Techy” news like Softonic and Mashable. Check out a quick and easy tool to get your App in the press: Applaunch. You can also use a service like PRWeb or prMac to distribute your press releases.
  • SEM: Display online campaigns (For example, Takeover by Yahoo allows you to be featured  in the Yahoo homepage of the selected country.)
  • Events very often can be a really good way to engage and increase loyalty. Here are 7 steps to promote your app during an event:
  1. Select the right venue (location, location, location)
  2. Carefully prepare list on guests: fan, celebrities, co-workers, partners, influencers (check out Radian6 tool)
  3. Be sure that you can show the app at every opportunity you get and facilitate downloads and feedback on site (make sure there is wifi in the venue for instance)
  4. Create situations where the app needs to be used during the event, a call to action is often the best way to entertain and engage, we all want to have fun!
  5. Videos recording and pictures of games and of the event in general are always really good way to follow up and increase awareness on social media and also to contact people in the following days to gather feedback. Feedback is key factor of improvement that leads to success.
  6. It is a good costume also to thank guests at the end of the event with a nice little branded gift, better if useful and simple, in example phone cover, headphones, mouse pads, usb keys that are also key holders…
  7. Last but not least: Enjoy!

To get deeper information, we suggest to read:

App Marketing And Launch

15 Tips for Launching a Successful Mobile App

Good places to get started:

· Promoarrow – a great way to promote your app at a low price

· Tapjoy – pay them money, and they’ll get you downloads

· Flurry – also a good source for buying downloads

· AdMob – owned by Google and works like Adwords for mobile

· Mplayit – promotes videos for apps

Android info:

iPhone articles:

image courtesy: Pokki

Fabrizia Alonzo

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