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August 23rd, 2016

Reinventing Gaming in a Mobile-Only World

Americans now spend around 4 hours and Brits about 2 hours and 40 min every day on their mobile (excluding voice) according to Flurry. This means that 50% of media consumption now takes place on mobile. And although we refer to the users as consumers, the majority of them also have a job where the mobile has become an indispensable tool whether the company is driving it or not. Simply put we have entered a new mobile era – the 4th mobile revolution.

This has a huge impact on every industry ‎although it differs slightly between different industry verticals. The Gaming industry (defined here as gambling, betting, casino games and lotteries) went through a big digital transformation already 15 years ago as online betting and casinos took off.

This time it’s different though as everyone is impacted including traditional landline casinos, state lotteries and retail sport betting. In addition to this, many of the early online players are now being disrupted by mobile-first start-ups that deliver a much better customer experience for the mobile generation.

So how do you become a winner in the mobile era? Magnus Jern, President of DMI International, recently shared insights and thoughts on‎ how gaming companies can reinvent themselves at the World Gaming Entertainment Summit (WGES). The high-level presentation is now available on Slideshare.

Please contact us if you’re interested in a meeting to learn more.

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