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May 16th, 2017

Next Generation Patient Engagement Using Mobility, Cloud, and Data Analytics

Patient engagement continues to be one of the major themes in the healthcare industry that is forcing healthcare organizations to develop innovative ways of enriching the experiences of their patients. One of the main drivers behind this shift is the ongoing “consumerism” of healthcare whereby patients expect and demand the experiential learning that they are getting accustomed to in the retail industry for example.

21st century patient expectations are driven largely by the seamless mobile connectivity and access to information from any place, any device, any time. This is forcing organizations across the healthcare eco-system, whether they are a provider network, pharma, or a payer organization, to re-think their approach in engaging with their customer base. In order to succeed in this digital economy, healthcare organizations throughout the continuum-of-care need to adhere to the following five key areas:

  • Personalized care where the patient is the center – i.e. the “Internet of Me – the patient can see you now”
  • Reimagined workflows that will drive increased collaboration at the intersection of humans and machines
  • A platform revolution that will bring ubiquitous connectivity throughout the continuum-of-care
  • An intelligent organization that will leverage the data analytics capability to provide better care
  • Outcome-based care model that focuses on results, not things or services

digital healthcare eco-system
The next generation patient engagement platform will be driven by enriched customer experience, data driven models, and an omni-channel deployment. DMI recently had an opportunity to partner with the local HIMSS chapter for a Lunch and Learn Webinar where we discussed at length about the new paradigm in patient engagement. To learn more about this topic, you can download the presentation content here or watch the recording below:

Tapan Mehta

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