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February 27th, 2013

MWC Day 2: Top stories and more

Another day of hard work at MWC in Barcelona. Early wake up call, busy ride in, cold coffee for 2 euro at the congress, lots of walking, talking, listening, smiling sales people, meetings, demonstrations, queuing, bad sandwiches for lunch, socialising, networking, more meetings and walking. All of this to report on the latest and greatest (and maybe do some fabulous business deals to be fair) for you!

So what were the top stories and insights today:


GSMA, Visa, Mastercard, Samsung and quite a few other brands and operators are pushing NFC but is it ready to become a serious enabler for payments, ticketing and other transactions? Based on what we hear from the floor the answer is still no but it’s great that the industry keeps on pushing for innovation, standardisation and simplification. We will follow up with a separate report on how we believe our clients and partners should leverage NFC in the short and long term.

Device launches

More new devices and demonstrations of devices we didn’t know exist:
* LG Optimus Vu II – 5 inch display and more squared than the Galaxy Note II but does it fit in the pocket? Last time I tried the samsung Note II deleted an app and made a call by mistake
* Sony Xperia Tablet Z – super thin and apparently survives a fast dip in water LG Optimus G Pro Superphone – bigger and better or just another supertechy phone?
* Asus Phonepad (a tablet you can call with)
* Augmented reality Goggles from Brilliantservice – beats Google Glass by far but probably not launching outside of Japan any time soon

Transportation and mobile ticketing

After several years of slow adoption mobile ticketing is experiencing a boom in terms of interest from public transport organisations. We’ve identified a number of great solutions but check out Mobill ( in particular for some of the leading implementations in the world for the major transportation companies in Sweden. This may give some ideas of what the future will look like and yes, SMS is still a very good bearer.

Experience of the day

First day it was sound and the second day photo/imaging. The Nokia Cinemagraphics was actually launched a while ago but the technology is now available in all the top Lumia devices and it’s incredible. Take a group photo with your friends and there is always one person looking the wrong way or with their eyes shut. With Pureview you can highlight the part of the image that doesn’t look the way you want and go back in time a second or so for that particular part of the image and voila, eyes are open again. You can also animate selected parts and more. The sensor and software technology used is simply amazing.

Stunning stands

Another fascinating trend this year is the size and the sophistication of the exhibition stands. Display technology has truly changed our experience with walls and logos constantly evolving and changing. Check out the Motorola stand in particular. Magic!

Finally we will also be doing separate reports on mobile in retail and enterprise mobility from Mobile World Congress due to be released end of the week.

More reports from day 3 soon.


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