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March 1st, 2015

MWC Day 0: S6, HTC One and LG Standalone Smartwatch

Sunday is the pre-MWC anno‎uncement day for the phone manufacturers so here we go.

Samsung Galaxy S6
This is as big as it gets for MWC as this is the equivalent of the iPhone 6 for Samsung and we are not disappointed. The S6 comes in two versions including a “normal” screen and the Edge screen with a display that curves around both sides. ‎Having used the previous Edge for a couple of months this is big news simply because it looks amazing. However we question if it has much value beyond looks and fast navigation on the right side menu.

Other highlights of the device are the new processor by Samsung, improved fingerprint reader, ‎payments with LoopPay and wireless charging.

HTC One M9
Combining the M7 and M8, the HTC One M9 is the flagship device from HTC with a new design, processor, 20 megapixel camera, Dolby Surround sound, integration with various home sound systems and more.

HTC also announced HTC Grip which is HTC’s first wearable with fitness trackers, GPS, G sensor, Gyro, Compass and which works with Android and iOS.

The most exciting news from LG was the Urbane LTE smartwatch which is one of the first smartwatches to work standalone without a smartphone. Instead the Urbane relies on a smartwatch connection. Both run WebOS. This is also another example of how smartwatches and traditional watches are slowly merging.

In addition to this LG announced four new mid-range smartphones including Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy.

Huawei Smartwatch and Talkband B2
The 2nd generation of the Talkband looks a lot slicker and ‎includes a gyroscope improving movement tracking. Not likely to make a big splash in North America or Europe but interesting to understand what wearables are trending in China.

The Huawei Watch on the other hand looks like one of the most beautifully designed Android Wear devices. This is expected to be available in about 20 markets from June-July, so a lot can happen inbetween.

And there will of course be more news from Sony, Microsoft, Blackberry, Firefox and Ubuntu throughout the week.

More to follow tomorrow…

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