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June 1st, 2014

Mobilize your Month, June 2014: Mobile Loyalty Programs


Top Mobile Trend – Mobile Based Loyalty Programs

When done right, companies can use loyalty programs to increase the lifetime value of their customers.

Deloitte is encouraging companies of the sector to build enduring customer loyalty and to deliver a differentiated brand experience during this phase of gradual economic recovery.

Let’s see some examples: is a simple reward program that‘s easy to understand. You book 10 nights and get one night free. If you want to redeem at a hotel that cost more you can choose to pay the difference in cash. Their results are 10 million Welcome Rewards member since the loyalty program launched in the U.S. and Latin America in 2008. More than 1 million free nights have been awarded. Thanks to this, they can continue to engage with the customers and find further innovative and exceptional ways to enhance their customer experience. In February 2014, the iOS7 upgrade of their app include improvements to the user experience when it comes to in-app access to Welcome Rewards.

Although in the past several years there have been a proliferation of mobile app “aggregator” loyalty programs based largely on “couponing”, only in the last year have companies really began to integrate loyalty based programs within their mobile solutions seamlessly. Many times mobile friendly loyalty programs combine technologies such as mobile payments (Sweetgreen) or geo-fencing technology (Best Buy) to deliver a seamless experience between the brand’s offline channel (think products in a store) and the online channel (think mobile apps/sites).

Rita’s ice cream used a QR code based marketing campaign to drive App downloads where a loyalty program helps customers keep track of every ice cream purchased (maybe not the best feature for dieters : ) and rewards repeat customers with a free ice cream.

Other innovative ways companies are integrating loyalty programs into their mobile marketing strategies include Best Buy who fights “showrooming”, by delivering in-store incentives for customers that use their mobile app within the store’s physical location only, Kroger who allows customers to search and use mobile coupons (which they have done over 400 million times since launch), while Sweetgreen went as far as only accepting mobile payments and cash through their mobile app.

To learn more about how loyalty programs can be used to better serve your customers specifically in the Travel & Transport industry please feel free to drop us an email.


Top News – Travel & Transport


Top Fact – Travel & Transport

“At $17 billion, Uber would be worth more than Airbnb ($10 billion), Dropbox ($10 billion) and Spotify ($4 billion). For comparison’s sake, Twitter’s market cap on Monday was $17.9 billion.” – Mashable, May 27 2014


How Mobile Offers Can Kill Your Business

Although loyalty programs integrated into the mobile channel can be used effectively as part of a companies’ long term business strategy, implementing a loyalty programs just to bombard customers with cheap offers can also kill your business very quickly. To learn more about how companies use loyalty programs to engage customers without bombarding or discounting their services check out our blog on “Why Mobile Offers Will Kill Your Business“.


Top Tips for Your Mobile Loyalty Solution

Mobile loyalty programs can have an enormous impact on your business with several projects contributing as much as 5-10% of the total revenue per year and even more in bottom line profit.

Learn more about the key elements of a great mobile loyalty program

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