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August 1st, 2014

Mobilize your Month, August 2014: Push Notifications


Top Mobile Trend – Push Notifications

With the recent errant push notification that BBC sent to its users last month, we’re reminded how new the technology is (which was introduced in iOS 3) and how far many big brands still have to go to effectively use push notifications to properly engage users.

Although some companies like Twitter are finding creative ways to use push notifications to increase mobile app engagement, improper use of push notifications has also lead to a backlash from consumers.

Best practices for push notifications involve delivering the right message at the right time to the user. If you don’t send all your users the exact same email (because that was so 2005) why would you blast the same push notification to all your users at the same time?

In addition, its important to allow consumers to opt-out or customize the push notifications that they want to receive. For example, they might want to receive a push notification once their taxi has arrived but not to leave feedback about the trip afterwards or receive marketing related push notifications a week later.

Although brands should follow basic best practices when implementing push notifications, they should A/B test extensively to see the what resonates best with their users.

For more information on how to use push notifications to properly engage your customers, please contact us.


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“…73% of consumers would like to be able to exercise more control over what (push notifications) they do and don’t receive, were they given the option.” – Direct Marketing Association (DMA), July 2014


More Info On Our Blog

Visit the DMI Blog to learn more about push notification best practices to:

  • drive customer engagement
  • getting users to opt-in
  • gathering the right info
  • how often they should be sent
  • how to personalize the message
  • and how to use the right push notification provider
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