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March 21st, 2013

Mobile Commerce with Express Payment Options

I don’t know about you, but recently I have been doing a majority of my shopping through my mobile device. Apparently I am not the only one since retailers are starting to see their mobile revenue reach as high as 30% of their overall online revenue like in the case of Rue La La. Billions of people worldwide rarely leave their house without their mobile phones and, as a result, PC’s are slowly becoming passé.

Even though the mobile browsing experience can be rewarding, the one step in the process most shoppers find tedious is checking out. To type in all your billing and shipping information on a tiny on-screen keyboard is downright painful. In order to improve the mobile shopping experience, especially as it pertains to checkout, it is no surprise that retailers are turning to PayPal and Amazon Payments for driving conversion on the mobile web.

PayPal for instance, introduced mobile Express Checkout which offers online retailers a more direct and simplified payment process. For consumers shopping on iPhones, Blackberrys and Android devices, PayPal’s mobile express checkout provides an effortless payment experience. With the understanding that shopping on the go has become more common, PayPal’s payment process ensures less complication and frustration. According to PayPal, Mobile PayPal transactions keep increasing to the tune of $500 million in mobile transactions.

Although integrating payment solutions into your mobile storefront or native application can be time consuming, KnowledgePath offers pre-built integration code and documentation to simplify the process, reducing time and cost. For more information contact KnowledgePath at [email protected].

Tags: eCommerce & Multichannel Retail Strategy Mobile & Web Commerce Platforms Mobility Strategy Mobilizing the Store Omni-channel Commerce

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