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October 5th, 2015

Mobile App Usage Surpasses TV

It was only a question of time but it happened a lot sooner than everyone expected. Time spent using mobile apps just surpassed time spent watching TV. We’ve been writing about how mobile media usage is taking over total media consumption since 2012 (see this blog) based on Mary Meeker’s reports and other sources, but now we can really refer to our world as the ‘Planet of The Apps’.

The exact data obviously varies a bit. According to comScore, mobile applications account for 44% of all the time spent online and 62% if mobile web is included.

In a recent report eMarketer predicts that marketers will soon catch up. Consumer usage and better ad formats drive dollars to mobile apps. See more here.

But it’s not just about turning existing advertising dollars into mobile ads. With ad blockers, rapid disruptions and digital transformation of products and services every business must go back and rethink their products, processes and business models as well.

More to follow in this space…

Magnus Jern, President Mobile Application Solutions


Tags: mobile apps mobile marketing

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