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July 16th, 2014

Mobile App Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Success

As of June 2014, Apple announced there were 1.2 million apps available to download in their iOS app store. In such a crowded and growing marketplace it’s hard for apps to stand out. Hundreds of thousands of apps remain buried in the depths of the App Store, unused, un-downloaded and unloved.

Everyone wants to be the next Uber, Instagram or Candy Crush.

So… what’s their secret to success?

Part of their success is due to a great product that has been successfully integrated into the lives of its users.

But, what a lot of people forget is how difficult it can be to find & acquire those loyal app users. We believe that finding those users through mobile app marketing is the second half of success.

While there’s no specific formula for success, we’ve created a guide for successfully marketing your mobile app.

Based on our past experience and expertise, we’ve put together a guide for marketing mobile apps. In this toolkit, we share 8 things that every mobile app should do on their quest for success. We include processes, resources, recommendations and a whole lot of examples that we’re confident will help guide your app to success.

Click here to check out the full framework, and learn what the 8 things are that every mobile app should be doing in order to be successful.


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