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August 3rd, 2016

MicroStrategy Symposium Series 2016 – Washington DC: Recap

On July 11, 2016, DMI participated in the MicroStrategy Symposium at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The event highlighted various platforms for managing and utilizing data. It also featured the latest in big data analytics, data visualization, dashboard design, mobile app development, and more. Keynote speaker, Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of MicroStrategy, spoke passionately about the new architecture built into MicroStrategy 10.



In the past, organizations have struggled to balance the needs of business with the requirements of IT. Business-users need accuracy, speed and agility while IT needs to deliver on performance while managing governance and security. Often times, this has led to organizations adopting multiple solutions and in turn creating disparate, reserved data across the organization. According to Saylor, “By combining agile, self-service data discovery with enterprise BI, our version 10 enables organizations to meet all their BI and analytics needs through a single, integrated platform.” This approach and architecture dovetailed well into the same themes DMI discussed during our session.

Chris Murphy, Senior Director of Data Driven Solutions, opened DMI’s session, “How to Implement a Next-Generation Analytics Solution” with a quote from Forrester, “Federal Agencies have started to recognize that merely publishing data to a portal is no longer helpful.” He expanded on this by stating that in order for organizations to be successful they need to focus on effective data management, the integration of analytics, and responsive, customizable visualizations. As a best practice, Murphy shared how DMI integrates different data sources to make data authoritative, suitable for new requirements, and adhere to business rules and regulations, while maintaining the existing data and reporting exchange framework. To then integrate analytics, the data is input into our customizable, pre-configured analytical models and algorithms giving customers the ability to consume meaningful data patterns just like static data points.

When it comes to data visualization and user experience, DMI partners with companies like MicroStrategy to deliver customized interactive graphs, and advanced visualizations that ensure accuracy, velocity, availability, and usability of data. This data delivery model is set up in a way that organizations can provide the right-sized data solution across the organization securely and at scale through both web and mobile devices.

A repeatable and proven approach is imperative when implementing a next generation analytics product. The solution should bring visual insights to internal analysts, the interested public, and other entities through rich data models, data visualization techniques, and a user experience-centric approach. Providing this type of value with big data and data analytics pushes results beyond traditional reporting, app development, and portal integration and into enterprise-wide business transformation.

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