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February 6th, 2012

Microsoft’s WP7 to surpass the marketshare of Apple’s iOS?

According to IHS iSuppli Market Research in a recently conducted study, the Windows Phone operating system is on track to claim the No. 2 spot in worldwide smartphone market share by 2015. According to the research, Microsoft will still be a distant No. 2 with 16.7% within the smartphone market, closely followed by Apple at 16.6%, while Android still accounts for 58.1%. So could this be realistic?

There is some evidence that the forecast is reasonable:

Finally a good product
– Windows Phone offers a different user experience compared to other OSs. Especially as the Windows Phone offers a strong email and calendar app which makes Windows Phone stand out. Furthermore, the browser on the Windows Phone 8 is catching up to Apple’s Safari browser in terms of HTML5 compliance and performance.

– At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Nokia Lumia 900 recently received great reception by media, analysts and consumers. Maybe this means that Microsoft and Nokia finally have gotten their mobile OS right.

Media should like the challenge
– In the long run, the dominance of Google and Apple is not that existing to buzz about. With such a giant as Microsoft being an underdog within the smartphone market, we expect a great battle coming up and media will hardly miss out riding the big wave.

Operator power
– The carriers/operators want Microsoft and Nokia to succeed. They are worried about having only 2 dominant players in the market, which reduces their bargaining power for customisation of devices and exclusive deals. Therefore they are likely to help push Windows Phone.

Demand for developers
Demand for Windows Phone development is showing more and more on daily basis. DMI has seen a large increase in number of briefs from companies during the last couple of months requiring support for the WP7 platform. A good indicator for Nokia and Microsoft.

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