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June 12th, 2014

London Heathrow app shown at Apple WWDC


A couple of weeks ago Apple reached our to our client London Heathrow and requested the use of the London Heathrow iPhone app in one of the presentations at WWDC. Unsurprisingly Heathrow said yes. The apps 5 seconds of fame is available in to the video “Taking Core Location Indoors” (requires registration). Jump to 7 min and 40 seconds.*

More importantly the iOS8 functionality for indoor positioning is super exciting news and we are confident that this will be of great benefit to the LHR mobile app for iOS as well as many of our other app that benefit from indoor positioning in the future. More information will follow about how you can make the most out of iOS8 indoor positioning.

Techcrunch has a short review here.

*Note: If you don’t have a Mac you can download the WWDC app and find the video by filtering on Core OS.



Tags: iOS mobile apps

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