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November 17th, 2015

Key Insights from the Gartner Symposium

Every year Gartner brings together the top CIOs and IT Directors to share and discuss trends and challenges. We were at the Barcelona event listening and debating, with the following key insights and observations identified from this year’s edition.

What are CIOs thinking about?

  • Mobilization is a key priority with 60% of all processes expected to be optimized for mobile by 2020
  • Security and Privacy is now on the boardroom agenda as it has a major impact on share price
  • Cloud transformation is starting or is already in full progress
  • CIOs want to be more involved in Customer Experience enhancements as 50% of projects touch on IT
  • Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, which are a major challenge due to lack of established standards, overlap between IT, OT and security risks
  • Budgets for digital/mobility is increasing across all industries but overall they are still under tough cost control

We also picked up some specific insights around Smart Machines/Software, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Oil & Gas, Customer Experience, Digital Business Consulting and Enterprise App Development.

Smart Machines/Software
Algorithms is the new “in-word” powering smart machines to make faster and better decisions using big data. Cars, manufacturing, healthcare, home electronics, buildings/offices and smart cities will all be impacted by this trend which is already well underway.

‎Customers want a single, unified view of their retailer, making multi-channel business the norm. However, they prefer to speak to store staff (rather than machines) who are assumed to be powered by technology aggregating all information to one source.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Mobile apps (which we define as useful utility apps and not just branded apps) are the surest way to engage directly with consumers. Companies are investing in mobile apps, digital marketing analytics, master data management, social and trade promotion optimization.

Oil & Gas
Innovation through IoT and digital has accelerated beyond what people thought was possible and the entire industry will change over the next 5 years. Cost-cutting pressure is extremely high in this sector, but those who invest in digital will rapidly see the return on their investment.

Customer Experience
The average enterprise has 50 ongoing customer experience projects where half will touch on technology. Innovation is overrated in CX – steal with pride and be as good as your competitors or adjacent industry colleagues. Then innovate.

Digital Business Consulting
This is the new buzzword for digital transformation consultants and encompasses business model reinvention, operating model transformation, business process optimization and operations management through digital services. In this space DMI competes with IBM, Accenture, KPMG, EY, Deloitte Digital, Cognizant and BCG.

Mobile Enterprise Apps
Big companies are going from a few enterprise apps to hundreds of custom apps that need to be developed, deployed, managed, maintained and secured. This inevitably means that demand ‎on internal IT from app development will grow, by at least 5x by 2017 according to industry research. Lastly, 70% of the cost of app development goes into discovery, UX design, planning and backend integration.

More trends and insights will follow in our 2016 mobile trends presentation to be released the first week of December, so stay tuned!

Magnus Jern, President Mobile Application Solutions


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