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October 29th, 2015

Innovation through Hackathons – A 3-Step Guide

Is your company still trying to innovate using brainswarming or employee crowdsourcing? Even though these methods have worked for some companies in the past, there are much better ways to go about innovation.

If you really want to accelerate change and innovate you have to hack your business. And what better way than to host a hackathon* with employees and potentially, customers or partners?

Besides being a quick way for your company to innovate, hackathons can also provide invaluable experiential learning and help build new connections within your organization and beyond.

We’ve participated in and helped co-create hackathons for a number of our clients and also host internal hackathons on a regular basis. Here’s our how-to guide for a successful event, from idea to implementation to innovation.

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Businesses that are prepared to change the way they work achieve enormous productivity gains, but how do you ensure that the initiative(s) from your hackathon is a success? We’ve previously shared a guaranteed way for organizations to generate a 10x ROI on enterprise apps explaining how to verify needs and use cases, quantifying and prioritizing each opportunity.

Most importantly, you should never forget to involve the end users throughout the development process. Our blog post on why employees won’t use your app covers common pitfalls and works as a handbook for how to scope, release, test, and iterate when creating your mobile solution.

Do you have a hackathon success story you would like to share? Are you looking for someone to help you innovate with the help of mobility? Contact us to continue the conversation!

*A hackathon is an event where people work in mixed teams to rapidly prototype a concept around a set challenge during a condensed time frame.


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