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March 14th, 2014

Improving the world through GG Mobile University

Mobile technology is changing the world but is it making it any better? We spend more and more time on mobile devices but are they making us smarter, happier, more productive or better human beings?

We are convinced that mobile technology is making the world a better place, although playing Flappy Bird probably isn’t the answer. Mobile technology is bringing people closer together, making transportation more efficient, innovating trade, farming and payments in developing countries, giving over a billion people access to education and providing field workers around the globe new and improved ways of working.

Since we started DMI in 2002, our humble ambition beyond just being the greatest mobile app developer, has been to help improve the world we live and work in. We’ve contributed to building schools in Cambodia, made yearly donations to the orphanage in Phnom Penh, delivered pro bono projects for Unicef, donated money for roads, supported programs for the homeless in Spain and educated children in the UK about mobile app development.

“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This year we wanted to step up the effort and do more within our budget and resource constraints, so we came up with GG University. The concept is simple. We give recently graduated university students a practical course in mobile app development from concept and UX/UI to development and marketing. As part of the curriculum, they work on projects for non-profit organisations that embrace the opportunity to use mobile technology to reach their aim.

The initiative has two objectives:

1. Help young people get into the job market by providing them with practical experience that will make them attractive for DMI and other companies in our industry
2. Deliver mobile services for non-profit organisations that will help make the world a better place
The first class, which started in February this year, had more than 200 applicants for 14 positions. We wanted a good mix of people so the roles available included business developer, project manager, UX/UI designer and developer. Our team of fantastic mobile experts in the Barcelona office have kindly offered some of their own time to teach the students everything there is to know about app development, mentor them throughout the course and support in the delivery of the projects.

The two projects the students are working on are:

Development of an app allowing Oxfam collaborators in the field to conduct surveys and share data electronically. The objective is for the app to help field workers respond rapidly and effectively to the needs on the ground.

Dr. Caroline Free, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, designed for patients using NHS Services
Development of an app to create behavioural change amongst people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The app will help change behaviour by providing the right message at the right time.

So what’s next?

The first GG University course in Barcelona is only the beginning. Following the successful implementation here, we aim to continue the program in Spain, expand GG University to our other offices and help other companies set up similar programs in their industry.

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