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December 9th, 2019

How Retailers Can Avoid the Pitfalls of Adopting Next-Generation Technologies

Artificial intelligence can help retailers craft remarkable customer experiences. Natural language processing can improve customer service and spare employees from boring, repetitive chores.

It’s all good until you crash into reality. Customers and employees aren’t always excited about change. Some are outright resisters. Meanwhile, questions about next-gen technology’s financial impacts and return on investment can cloud the judgment of top executives and key decision-makers.

Retailers used to have a lot more time to overcome the pitfalls of adopting next-gen tools. But with disruptive threats coming at them from every direction these days, retailers have to adapt to change and adopt new technologies as quickly as possible.

Getting to ‘Why’ in Next-Gen Technologies

DMI developed a program called VisionNEXT to help companies rapidly adopt new technologies. VisionNEXT operates as a pair of workshops that help companies explore all of their options and find the most practical ways to embrace next-gen hardware and software.

The point of these workshops is to get you to “why.” That is, we help retail clients explore the crucial forces motivating their need to adopt the next generation of retail tech.

We’ve adapted this process to modern-day realities. The old people-processes-technologies framework that was popular for years worked best with monolithic systems and top-down management. In today’s world of VC-funded platforms and rapid disruption, you need a much more flexible model built around collaboration and consensus.

VisionNEXT helps companies craft a narrative around the imperatives of technology change. The goal is to persuade people that it’s in their best interest to adopt next-gen technologies. We recommend getting the program’s detractors directly involved rather than ignoring them and hoping they go away. Because time is of the essence, you can’t afford to let naysayers slow progress. But you also can’t afford to let their expertise go unused.

This kind of real-world perspective defines the VisionNEXT approach. We sit down with your technology leadership and help them chart a path to disruptive innovation.

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge

Nobody should be innovating for innovation’s sake. There’s too much time and money at risk. Instead, you should be finding the best ways to improve competitiveness and ensure adoption of new technologies.

DMI’s VisionNEXT workshops help you clarify the right and wrong ways to go. It’s not just choosing apps and targeting APIs. For instance, you can use the program to reassure employees that automation won’t take their jobs away.

When you know why you’re changing, it’s that much easier to persuade everybody else — co-workers, customers, vendors, directors — to adopt the right tools to get you there.

— Varun Ganapathy, director, commercial/consumer: digital technology office

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