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September 28th, 2012

Have you used your iPad while naked? Come on, be honest.

You’re not alone. 34% of 1.300 iPad owners recently surveyed said they did too.
At DMI, we live and breathe enterprise mobility, so we thought this recent study published on Mashable was a particularly fun way to look at how tablets are changing our lives, behind closed doors and in the boardroom.

Some highlights:

  • 21%: “I’ve used my iPad in the tub” … Call AppleCare now to extend your warranty.
  • 13%: “I prefer my iPad over my significant other if stranded on a desert island”  … Lucky spouse.
  • 73%: “I’ve used my iPad in my car” …. Hope it’s not while driving.

But tablet-mania is not just about personal use; corporations need to listen up too.  14% of those surveyed would prefer an iPad over a 10% pay raise.  That means the perceived value of an iPad to your employees is actually about 10x – 20x more than the actual price.

From the business perspective, those who had iPad’s said their iPad has changed their life in the following ways:

  • 64%: “Made me more productive”
  • 32%: “Made me more successful at my job”
  • 79%: “Helped me stay more connected when traveling”
  • 21%: “Helped me close a deal”
  • 30%: “Helped me impress clients”

We’re still a couple years off from completely replacing laptops with tablets (only 8% have reported have sent their laptops or PC’s to tech heaven), but 47% say that within the next two years they see the tablets becoming their primary computing device.  I love the smell of change in the morning.

Stay tuned for more fun stats and articles about the world of enterprise mobility.

Infograf on how attached business travelers are to their iPads.

Infograf on how attached business travelers are to their iPads.

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