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July 15th, 2014

Being a great business partner

Working with mobile business critical solutions is exciting, specifically when it comes to working with start-ups. The roof for creativity and innovation in these cases is often particularly high. When working with start-ups, DMI often acts as an external business advisor and partner in devising the mobile solution needed. When scoping client requirements, we always try to have their objectives in mind and how best to make them successful. After all, their success is our main driver when undertaking a project.

Being one of the main players in the Social Media Sphere, Facebook seems to have focused their efforts in being a great business partner too. Their F8 Keynote event held back in April 30th clearly shows this ambition through Facebook’s focus on better supporting the app community. They won me over by facilitating my own objectives of better insight management with clients, but also personally appealed to me, as a frequent app user, by:

  • Addressing app users’ current privacy concerns: Not only are you able to easily create new user accounts anonymously using Facebook, there will also be better control over what is shared and with whom. My Facebook friends can no longer simply share my FB user info and I don’t even need to post on my wall to share external content (all or nothing principle). I am now able to only share with specific persons via messenger instead. Big thumbs up for listening to the public Facebook!
  • No more underwhelming web experience destinations for shared URLs: Parse (acquired by Facebook in 2013) is now allowing app developers to enable deep linking URLs to other apps. If I have the destination app installed, this means that I can click on a link in an app for e.g. a song on SoundCloud, and listen to that song directly in the SoundCloud app without being prompted to log in. However, it does require both the original as well as destination app being enabled for Parse deep linking via an open standard SDK.
  • Increased stability and reliability for APIs, facilitating maintenance roadmap: Not only are Facebook promising a Core API Stability Guarantee for 2 years after launch (including Login and Sharing), they are also introducing a SLA for major bug fixing within 48 hrs and API versioning. This initiative certainly makes life easier for my colleagues in development.
  • Facilitating acquiring new app users: User acquisition is always costly and tricky (unless Snoop Dog starts singing about it in one of his songs). In response to this, Facebook now allows buying adspace on the desktop platform adapted for app distribution purposes. Via a push notification, the user is taken directly to the app store which in turn makes it simple to download the product directly on their mobile.

FB and its partners have also launched a program for startups as well as companies which have an app which is live, but has yet to really get off the ground. With the program, you essentially get an advertising package for up to 40K USD at no charge. More info here to apply.

You might also wish to consider Facebook’s Mobile-apps install package for your user acquisition plan. Their targeting capabilities are immense.

  • Enabling user retention via Engagement Ads: The objective of Engagement Ads is to remind your users of the existence of your app via a FB ad. When the user clicks on your ad, they are taken to a customized location within your app. More info here
  • Enabling and facilitating me to share app content: My clients frequently ask how they can get their app content and campaign to go viral. Facebook has facilitated this process by opening up another of their desktop API’s for mobile which allows users to “Like” the content of third party apps. The “Like” button is the quickest way for people to share content with their friends. More info here
  • Creating a new mobile revenue stream for my clients by allowing Facebook Ads in their apps: As a developer, you need to enable the space allowing for FB may to send the ads to be displayed. Facebook offer reports and manages the billing for you too.

Last but not least: FB’s own conclusions going from non- profit on mobile to profitable (59% of FB revenue is from the mobile platform and they manage a very large scale of payments: 3bn+ USD processed last year alone) are:
a. Traditional advertising actually works really well on mobile
b. It’s a must to re-invent the UX should you wish to be successful and monetize on Ads on mobile. Ads must be integrated, not disruptive.

For more information on how you can best leverage Facebook through your app, contact us here


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