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November 19th, 2013

Google beats Apple in global app downloads

What was in fact a big event passed by quietly a couple of months ago when Google Play passed the Apple appstore in number of downloads per month with 2 Bn vs 1.8 Bn downloads reported in September 2013. The actual number of Android app downloads is much higher since there are a myriad of other Android appstores dominated by the Chinese ones (where Google Play is blocked) with an estimated over 1 Bn downloads per month alone. Android is also starting to catch up in number of downloads per device with 53 downloads per Android activation compared to 83 downloads per iOS device sold. The only area where Apple still beats Google Android with a wide margin in monetisation thanks to a combination of the successful iTunes billing arrangement combined with customers that are more willing to pay for content.

We still see iOS being the preferred first platform in North America and northern Europe but in other regions developers the trend is now Android first.

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