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October 2nd, 2014

The Future of Enterprise Mobility

“Google programmers are doing work on mobile applications and technology first, because ‘mobile apps are better apps’.”
-Eric Schmidt, Mobile World Congress, 2010

“The nice thing about large IT apps – late, complex, inflexible, or did I miss something?”
– Eric Schmidt, April 2010

The two statements from 2010 basically said
a) apps built for mobile are also better apps for bigger screens which is one of the primary reasons for the Mobile First approach
b) existing IT apps don’t work very well for the desktop and not at all for mobile

Just like consumer brands have adopted mobile first strategies the enterprise must do the same to reap the benefits from mobile technology and mobility. This means shifting focus, resources and budget towards mobile and mobility and away from the desktop and workers stuck in the office.

Our mobile vision for the mobile enterprise is a future where

  • Every employee in the company interacts using mobile technology every day with access to business services anywhere, anytime
  • Sales people spend more time with customers and less time in the office
  • Drivers and trucks deliver timely, serve more deliveries and are safer
  • Managers get closer to customers and day to day operations by being able to do more of their work in the field
  • Production facilities utilize mobile technology to improve quality, speed, security and productivity
  • The company can manage assets more efficiently and reduce waste by knowing where things are at any given time
  • Employees are happier because they are given more freedom and have access to information when they need it
  • The company is constantly learning by leveraging big data, insights and mobile technology to inform and train people every day to improve their work
  • Innovative technology such as wearables, sensors, Google Glass, beacons and things we haven’t heard of yet contribute to the everyday transformation of the business.

Many organisations have come up with similar visions but most fail to execute as they continue to work in the same old ways.

So how do you achieve this?
Over the next couple of weeks we will provide you with a mini guide consisting of 4 blogs to take you through the journey including
a) Research, Planning and ROI
b) UX/UI Design and Prototyping
c) Development with User Centric Design
d) Launching and Optimising

Don’t forget to sign-up for our blog!

Tags: Customer Experience Definition eCommerce & Multichannel Retail Strategy enterprise mobility Ideation & Innovation Strategy Mobility Strategy Product/Service Visioning & Strategy Technology & Mobile Platform Strategy

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