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October 16th, 2014

Facebook News You Should Use

When working with clients in developing their social media strategies, the one platform that always seems to generate the most interest and discussion is, hands down, Facebook.

Is this a surprise? It shouldn’t be. With 829 million daily active users on average and well over 1 billion total users and counting, Facebook’s user growth and engagement numbers continue to skyrocket by leaps and bounds with no immediate end in sight.

With so much user breadth, depth and activity, Facebook has undeniably become the social media juggernaut brands and organizations alike cannot afford to ignore.

As stewards of the welfare of clients’ social media strategies, we recognize the need to closely track and regularly monitor trends in the social space and, most notably, Facebook.

In this spirit, we’ve combed through a number of recent Facebook-focused headlines and have rounded up two important news items worth your marketing read.

Facebook Is For Ice Bucket Challenges

Breaking news fares better on Twitter; less timely topics fare better on Facebook. At least, that’s what the quarterly report of consumer sharing behavior — published this week by social data and sharing tool provider ShareThis  — seems to reveal.

In summary: Outside of election season, Facebook simply isn’t a forum for hard news.

What this means for your brand: When planning an event, Facebook sharing tends to have a strong sharing advantage especially in the two to three weeks surrounding an event. However, the closer you get to an event or event date, the higher the activity on Twitter and Reddit. Within two or three days of an event, for instance, Twitter activity jumps by a factor of three. As a result, brands should plan ahead for swings in channel usage when sharing their events.

Facebook Surpasses YouTube For Desktop Video

Video content publishers beware: On desktop viewing, Facebook delivered about a billion more views than YouTube this August. According to digital business analytics leader ComScore, this is a huge accomplishment and a victory Google is most certainly watching. And in the heels of such news, Facebook also recently reported it now gets a billion video views per day, with views having increased 50% from May through July of this year.

What this means for your brand: If your organization is in the process of deploying a video-focused content strategy, it will need to take into consideration which platform can generate the most engagement. Since videos posted on Facebook, by default, now auto-play, it’s difficult to determine whether you’re getting good engagement. Still, Facebook’s massive reach is very hard to ignore. On the other side of the fence, YouTube videos are user-initiated which means the user has to click to play them. As a result, the very nature of “user-initiated” video implies the engagement levels are higher. Ultimately, brands who can create video that grabs people’s attentions will ultimately reach the highest levels of engagement, no matter the platform is used.

Need help with your Facebook marketing strategy?

We are in the trenches of social media on a day in and day out basis on behalf of our clients. Contact us today if you’d like to learn how we can assist your organization with its Facebook optimization strategy for increased brand lift and heightened community engagement.

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