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July 10th, 2015

Enterprise Mobility Market Quadruples in 4 Years

Does your company have a technical strategy and plan to manage the 20+ mobile enterprise apps that will be deployed over the next couple of years?

451 Research recently issued “2015 Enterprise Mobile Application Report”, which is based on answers from 480 participants from leading enterprise companies around the globe and examined the mobile application demand and the challenges to meet those demands. In summary the research and report concludes that:

  • 51% of companies plan to develop more than 10 mobile apps for customers, 49% more than 10 mobile apps for employees, and 43% more than 10 mobile apps for partners in the next 2 years.
  • The demand is very strong for mobile apps across the enterprise companies but it’s still in the early stages for mobile application platform strategies.
  • To meet the demands, companies are heavily reliant on external partners for the bulk of planned development. Two-thirds of apps over the next two years will be externally developed.
  • The most common employee apps are CRM for sales and marketing together with customer facing apps.

“The global market for enterprise mobility is expected to grow from $72 billion (£45.7bn) to $284 billion (£180bn) by 2019, nearly quadrupling in size,” according to Dave Shirk, president of Products and Marketing, Kony, Inc in an article by IT Proportal.

The “2015 Enterprise Mobile Application Report” is sponsored by Kony, which is a mobile application development platform that DMI supports. We also support Google Cloud, IBM Mobile First and Bluemix, SAP Mobile, Oracle Max and various other enterprise mobility platforms.

Read the full report for free here.

Magnus Jern, President Mobile Application Solutions


Tags: enterprise mobility insights mobile apps Mobility Strategy

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