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October 9th, 2014

Enterprise apps – 10x ROI guaranteed

What if there was a guaranteed way for organisations to generate a 10x ROI on enterprise apps? Actually, there is! We’ve seen it over and over again for the past couple of years and many organisations have done it multiple times. Businesses that are prepared to change the way they work achieve enormous productivity gains ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions in incremental revenue and cost savings.

So how is it done?
We’ve previously shared the mobile readiness assessment and winning in mobile in 2015 post so lets be a bit more specific for enterprise apps.

1. Research and discovery
The first step is so simple but yet rarely done. Start by understanding the needs and challenges of your employees and customers. Identify the core groups including e.g. sales, distribution, administration staff, resellers and customers. Then spend a day with each of the groups, interviewing, observing and documenting what they are doing. Don’t judge and don’t try to translate the needs and challenges to mobile solutions straight away (this comes later).

Example of a need:
The sales person wants to be able to create and sign a customised contract while meeting a client without having to go back to the office.

2. Create use cases
Take the insights from your research and immersion and write them down as use cases.

Example use case:
An installation technician does a check in at each location visited and a checkout including a photo of the installation and a signature from the customer.

3. Verify the needs and use cases
Do a survey to ensure that the insights, needs and opinions and thus the corresponding use cases represent the organisation as a whole and not just individual employees. Simply upload the top 20 or so needs and use cases and ask employees and customers to rate them. This can be done in a few hours time with a tool like SurveyMonkey and will give you quantitative data to build the business case. To make it more engaging, get a designer to provide some sketches of the use cases so that the respondents can envision how it would work. Sometimes it’s a good idea to include some unproductive use cases to get a benchmark on whether people have responded sincerely.

4. Quantify the opportunity of each use case and prioritise
For each use case look at the potential opportunity to
A. Generate more revenue (e.g. visit more customers per day)
B. Save money/improve productivity (e.g. reduce fuel cost or staff required)
C. Increase customer or employee satisfaction (e.g. customer is likely to return more frequently)
D. Improve brand perception (e.g. the organisation is perceived as innovative by using the latest technology)

Also add a column for the complexity/cost of implementing the use cases. Capturing a video from each customer visit might be great to reduce fraud but the cost of uploading and storing the videos could be too high.

5. Create the business case
Take the top use cases that could realistically be deployed within a 4-month period and create a business case based on these. The reason for the 4-month period is that our experience shows that shorter projects deliver a higher success rate and ROI. As part of the business case, evaluate whether you can satisfy the use cases through an off-the-shelf solution or if you need to develop custom software.

6. Execute
Implement and deploy the service in your organization for success.

So how can we be so certain that this process will deliver a 10x ROI for you? The potential for productivity gains among field workers, sales agents and office staff are enormous so unless you have been developing enterprise apps for years without results, we are pretty much certain a move in this direction will benefit you greatly. And if you fail to identify the opportunities and business case, please contact us and we will make it our mission to help you fulfill our guarantee.

Next week we will continue with the design and concept testing phase.

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