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March 21st, 2018

EndZone for Education: School Safety in the Palm of our Hands

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We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Mobility has transformed the way we live, think and function. Consumer preferences, business models, employee productivity, etc. have all adapted. There is tremendous opportunity to bring this revolution to how we think about the safety and security of our school systems.

As a parent of two children, it is heart-breaking to see shooters in our schools and the unnecessary loss of innocent lives. The #NeverAgain movement has thrust the debate over how to protect our children in school into the very center of the national consciousness.

One potential and controversial solution being talked about right now is arming and training school staff so that they confront hostility and shooters directly. What we are not talking much about is how we could use technology to increase the safety and security of our schools.

The fact is that the technology exists today to protect our children when they are at school.  Nearly every student in middle school, high school and college carries a mobile phone with them that is networked, has GPS, has a camera on it and has a microphone on it.  Most schools have Wi-Fi networks, video monitoring and some form of electronic access control implemented.  It is a no-brainer to marry these capabilities and put power in the hands of students and school administrators to control their environment and rapidly engage law enforcement and first responders in the event of an incident.

DMI has a solution and is partnering with educational institutions to “arm” our schools with EndZone for Education, a real-time safety monitoring and communication app with custom features designed to empower educators and students to each play an essential part in the safety of schools, anytime, anywhere.

The Power to make a Difference is Already at our Fingertips

We often consider schools to be a safe haven.  Even when the outside world may be in a state of chaos… schools were a safe place. The good news is that we can get back to that point with #AppsOverArms. Technological advancements have provided educational institutions the ability to take the next step and better evaluate and manage emergency situations in real-time.

Instead of relying on a stationary alert button or command center, EndZone takes advantage of today’s mobile world. Using the smartphones and web access that students, teachers, school administrators, security staff and first responders already have allows EndZone for Education to be implemented quickly and inexpensively. With location-based technology, the mobile technology works to develop collective intel on the community by leveraging the eyes and ears of the entire school community to ensure the highest level of school safety both on and off campus.

EndZone Features and Use Cases

EndZone was originally developed & deployed for high-risk situations in the Federal Government. We’ve recognized that this same technology can be utilized to protect our schools and have customized the solution to meet the unique needs and considerations of our educational institutions.

EndZone for Education aides in various situations, such as; an intruder, emergency notification, medical incident, fire or natural disaster, traffic incident, student, faculty and visitor tracking and enabling action in the see something say something movement.

Features that make this possible include: mobile hotline, real-time location sharing, social intelligence, emergency notifications, targeted messaging and a centralized view of school security. Armed with the ability to manage emergencies in a more efficient and organized manner, schools have the power to reduce the response time of first responders, neutralize threats and ultimately save lives.

Involving the Stakeholders that Matter Most: The Student Voice

On average, children spend upwards of 12+ years in the education system, and as a result they should feel safe and comfortable in their environment. Today, students are demanding a change in the future of school safety and have the most to gain when the learning environment is safe.  We embrace involving students in the customization of each school’s safety solution, to be able to create the ideal set of features for each school. By empowering students to have a voice and assist in the design phase, EndZone is designed with the students in mind, based on what they need to feel safe.

The possibilities for school safety with EndZone for Education are truly endless. Contact us today for more information or if you are thinking about implementing a situational awareness and emergency notification system in your district.

Scott Deutschman
EVP of Mobile Platforms

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