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August 11th, 2015

Eddystone – Creating Contextual Moments for Your Apps

“Over 40% of shoppers look for offers on their mobile device, while they’re in the store. And in 2016, 85% of top 100 US Retail Locations will be equipped with Beacons.” – Retail Insights

One advantage of the mobile channel is its ability to address user needs based on their context.

Companies have installed beacons in many different settings such as retail stores, stadiums and even on London buses to send out targeted push notifications alerting customers to relevant discounts, breaking news, flight delays, product recommendations and even possible love interests in their location.

Usage of beacon enabled apps (when companies even offer one), has been tepid but could accelerate with Google’s recent release of Eddystone (which has several advantages over traditional iBeacons) such as allowing beacons to work with both iOS and Android devices and do not require mobile apps as they can direct the user to the physical web like a URL.

Hence, imagine a visitor to a physical musuem who can discover more information about an artwork on the musuem’s website with a simple click – no QR code scanning or even mobile app needed!

Eddystone enabled beacons will bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds putting users in control of what they want to see based on their location whether it shows up as a Google Now card notification that all drinks are 50% off for the next hour when they pass the concession booth or discover the ability to order a taxi from a physical billboard (without even having the taxi app installed). The use cases of the technology is expected to be diverse.

Eddystone is different in that it allows a user to discover and communicate with the physical world (services, ads, etc.), as long as s/he has Bluetooth enabled on his/her smartphone and is in the presence of any beacon that supports Eddystone (which most beacon manufacturers do).

Check out our recent blog post to learn more about other developing Android technologies that will impact our lives.

To learn more around how Eddystone can enable better context for your apps and improve the customer experience, please contact us.


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