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May 10th, 2013

DTour: Interactive YouTube Channel Launch

Today, travelers want more than just the best deal. They want the best experience. DoubleTree by Hilton wanted to create a more engaging and creative way to speak with consumers about brand products, customer experiences, and travel ideas and activities. So they decided to partner with Google to create a socially integrated YouTube channel called DTour. The channel, first-of-its-kind within the travel industry, launched earlier this week and has already received attention from the likes of AdWeek and USAToday.


DMI was tasked with creating the concept in addition to a best-in-class user flow and engagement strategy. To ensure that DTour wasn’t “just another branded channel,” we explored the travel process to create an interactive platform unique to DoubleTree that would drive action and celebrate travel in an emotional, human way. Utilizing unique and innovative technology provided by Thismoment, DMI created a user experience that seamlessly aggregates user-generated content across a variety of social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

DTour allows visitors in search of travel inspiration to explore other users’ content, including photos, videos and tips. The channel includes a map experience that pulls in hotel info, social media posts, and other engaging content that allows users to interact and experience the DoubleTree brand. The hub also houses an area for DoubleTree to communicate product launches, sweepstakes, and other key messaging in addition to a retailing component focused on driving revenue to the DoubleTree brand, specific hotels and markets/regions.


To promote the launch of DTour, DoubleTree is running a user-generated content contest over the course of the next year. For more information about our work with the DoubleTree brand, check out our website.



Tags: Brand Marketing travel hospitality ux/ui web development

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